Lidl prepares to launch grocery ecommerce in Poland      

Date : 15 May 2020

Maxime Delacour

Senior Retail Analyst

Lidl Poland is planning to launch a new grocery ecommerce service. No launch date has been communicated yet, but it is expected to happen in 2020, with test phase start in the short term.

Fully owned click and collect service

Some details have been communicated to Polish trade magazine Wiadomosciosci Handlowe by Lidl Poland’s head of corporate communications, Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz, who said:

  • This will be a click and collect service, like the existing online wine shop Winnicy Lidla
  • It will be available at selected stores only
  • Products could be ordered at a dedicated page accessible via the shopper’s account
  • Payment will be done on collection at the store

When launched, Poland will become the first market where Lidl offers a fully owned grocery ecommerce solution. Lidl already offers grocery ecommerce in several markets, such as the US, Ireland, and Spain but always in partnership with locally-based online specialists.

Source: Lidl Poland


Developing a range of digital and online solutions in Poland and globally

With the launch of grocery ecommerce, Lidl will offer a full range of digital solutions in Poland, including non-grocery ecommerce, Lidl Plus (its loyalty programme) and Lidl Pay (its payment solution). The discounter is also investing in self check-outs in its city-based stores, underlining the acceleration of its digital transformation.

One of the reasons for the faster digital transformation in Poland compared to other countries could be Lidl’s strong competition with Biedronka. It encourages Lidl to create and innovate more in this country to offer different services and differentiate with the market leader. 

Source: Lidl Poland


Globally Lidl continues to invest in digital solutions. Grocery or non-grocery ecommerce is currently available in 10 countries. The loyalty programme, Lidl Plus, has been launched in 10 European countries and is set to become borderless, making Lidl one of the very first global retailers to operate a scheme that works across borders. Finally, Lidl’s own payment solution, Lidl Pay, is being tested in several countries, including Germany.

Coronavirus pandemic will accelerate discounters’ digital transformation

One of our 10 hypotheses for the future of the discount channel after the pandemic is the acceleration of online and digital transformation. We expect discounters, especially Aldi and Lidl to launch new ecommerce solutions across Europe as soon as in the second half of the year.  

Discounters have not been able to benefit from the same opportunities as other retailers due to their lack of ecommerce operations. The development of a robust ecommerce proposition will be key to their strategy of remaining relevant and adapting to changing behaviours.

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