Casino’s strategy to digitalise and personalise its promotions

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 07 May 2020

Casino France is accelerating its digital transformation. We look at the retailer’s strategy to create an innovative digital solution to enable it to offer shoppers a more personalised experience.

Driving footfall, thanks to personalised and digital communication

In France, one of the strongest drivers of in-store traffic are the weekly printed flyers, which highlight offers and promotions. But retailers are discovering the flyers are becoming less efficient and are not environmentally sustainable, which is encouraging them to find ways to reduce their numbers.

As part of this aim, Casino has launched a transformation process to switch its flyers to a 100% digital medium. The digital flyers offer the retailer several benefits:

  • They are more agile than print
  • They are less expensive to produce
  • They reduce its impact on the environment, which is aligned with its CSR strategy
  • Through analytics their success can be measured
  • Offers can be personalised and tailored to individual shopper’s needs

Source: Casino        Casino printed flyer

How will Casino achieve its digital transformation?

To achieve the digital transformation Casino is currently testing at some of its supermarkets and hypermarkets an enhanced digital flyer. It is tailored to each store and can evolve to adapt to shoppers’ needs and changing habits. Here are the five steps of the transformation process:

  1. Transposing: the first step is to convert the flyer from print to digital (web and mobile), while keeping a similar design and creating a user-friendly experience. Casino worked closely with Bonial, a specialist in marketing that helps to encourage shoppers to visit stores, to enhance the features available when reading the digital flyer, such as clicking on products to get more information or adding them to a shopping list.

The two companies built a very high quality and complete bank of product photos, which is constantly updated. In addition, Casino’s data specialist company, relevanC, collected product information, including price and in-store availability, to create a tailored flyer for each store.

Finally, during the test phase, the flyer had to be shared on specific media, such as the Casino Max and the Bonial connect apps to a targeted audience living in specific locations.


  1. Personalisation: thanks to the quantity and quality of data, Casino can personalise each flyer to an individual shopper, with products selected according to their behaviour and preferences. The digital support gives the retailer a lot of flexibility. Casino can decide to promote a product that is performing very well in a specific store or create a themed campaign aligned with the shopper’s preferences, e.g. organic, baby or travel, amongst others.

This detailed level of personalisation is made possible thanks to the shopper data and insights collected via the Casino Max loyalty programme. Using the database, Casino has created a segmentation of more than 1,300 shopper profiles. Shoppers’ reactions to a specific advert or message (CTR, time spent on a page) are monitored to constantly improve and adapt the communication.


Source: Casino         Casino Max app
  1. Roll out: once the first tests have been done on targeted audience and media, Casino rolled out its digital flyers across more media channels (Google ads, Facebook, targeted websites) to quickly reach a critical size. The automation of the process is key in the roll out and has been made possible thanks to the analysis of data and KPI to optimise the choice of media formats (video, photos,…), channels where it is published and the audience.

The automation and flexibility of the process creates opportunities to launch additional and specific campaigns in a few hours. For example, the retailer has been able to react quickly to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by launching a campaign promoting essential products.


  1. Measuring: one of the biggest added value elements of digital communication compared to print, is its measurability. Casino has established KPI’s to understand the conversion rate of its campaigns, tracking the number of shoppers visiting stores as a result. Some campaigns drove more than a 30% increase in shopper numbers to stores and increased sales by 15%.


  1. Conversion: Casino is using a step by step approach to convert all its stores to a 100% digital flyer. The first phase only includes a limited number of selected stores, where printed flyers have been reduced by 30% over two months and replaced by the digital version. Results will be compared with a reference group before expanding the digital flyer to more stores and for longer periods.


Casino operates several formats in very different environments. The retailer is going at a different pace for its various formats and banners and is making sure it involves store teams in the entire switching process.

Printed flyers not aligned with shopper expectations

The printed flyer is one of the key media for many retailers in France and continental Europe. However, it is increasingly not aligned with shoppers’ expectations for more personalisation and wider trends, such as sustainability. Therefore, Casino is investing in digital solutions that will also contribute to making the shopping experience even more personalised and efficient. Expect further retailers to follow its lead as and when it can prove the benefits of the initiative.

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