Carrefour France’s online and digital initiatives

Jon Wright
Head of Insight - RA EMEA

Date : 17 June 2020

From its launch of a voice grocery service with Google to enabling shoppers to self-scanning via smartphone and the introduction of its online marketplace Carrefour is driving its online and digital innovation in France.

Carrefour launches voice grocery shopping with Google Assistant

As part of the partnership created by the two companies in June 2018, Carrefour is to launch a voice-activated grocery shopping service in France in conjunction with Google. To use the service on Google Assistant, shoppers link their Google and Carrefour accounts and then simply add items to a shopping list by saying the product or specific brands. The digital assistant is available on smartphones, compatible smart speakers and connected screens.

Carrefour said the ‘specific items added to the shopping cart by the Google Assistant reflect user’s product preferences as closely as possible’. Users can, though, update the list separately deleting, modifying, or adding products as they want to. To complete their orders, once confirmed on the Google Assistant, shoppers move to Carrefour's ecommerce site to finalise their order, confirm their slot and delivery method, whether through Drives, a Drive piéton or home delivery.

New service given renewed impetus by coronavirus pandemic…

Discussing the thinking of the service and its launch, Carrefour Group’s director of ecommerce and digital transformation, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, said: “While food e-commerce has almost reached 10% market share during [Covid] containment, the customer experience is still very much improved, baskets contain many items, 40 on average, which requires spending 45 minutes to an hour to shop online.” Oudéa-Castéra said separately the coronavirus pandemic had led to a ‘a very strong acceleration in ecommerce… with more than 500,000 customers and we must now retain them’.

…As does introduction of self-scanning via smartphone

Separately, Carrefour has launched a new service for shoppers to use on their smartphones, called Scan’lib by phone. The new service adds to the existing Scan’lib in-store scanners, which will help Carrefour build awareness of the new launch. The tool helps shoppers check out quicker and seamlessly, which is positive in a post-coronavirus world. Trialed in two hypermarkets the service will now be rolled out to 155 of its 248 hypermarkets and its supermarkets in France.

To use Scan’lib by phone shoppers must download the app onto their phones, enter their loyalty or Pass card information and then scan each product to allow them to add them to their baskets. For now Scan’lib by phone is a separate app from the Carrefour app, although the two are likely to be merged in time.

Carrefour adds online marketplace

Finally, trade specialist Olivier Dauvers has highlighted the launch of Carrefour’s online marketplace, which was announced in May. The site’s initial launch sees its range limited to food across six categories from 12 third-party companies.