Woolworths tests supermarket queue app

Nick Miles
Head of Insight - Asia Pacific

Date : 23 July 2020

Woolworths in Australia is testing a new app that will allow customers to reduce the amount of time they need to queue at their supermarkets.

See real time queue info and book a slot via your phone

The app, known as Q Tracker, uses tech that was originally designed for smart car parks. It allows users to both see predictive information on the wait time of a queue at a store, as well as allows them to book a 15 minute window when they can turn up and enter the store. If a shopper has booked a time slot, they recieve an email, which they show at the store entrance when they arrive. Entrance is then permitted immediately, unless the store is at capacity. The app is being tested at four stores in Victoria;Hampton Park, South Melbourne, St Helena and Taylors Lakes. 

What do we think?

This is a great example of a retailer that has partnered with a technology company to rapidly respond to the COVID-19 situation. In our recent report on how COVID-19 will leave a legacy on physical stores, we called out how retailers such as Leclerc in France have been using smart occupancy technology to provide safe shopping environments. While we also predict that store-based apps and contactless acceleration will be a longer term legacy of the pandemic. Smartphones already play a key role in supporting the shopping expereince in some of the most advance retail formats in China. While other retailers continue to experiment in this area, this is likely to develop rapidly over the coming years, enabling personalisation, digital loyalty benefits and creating a better seamless O2O experience.