This report showcases technologies to help with social distancing at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19

This report showcases six novel technologies to help with decontamination at stores since the outbreak of COVID-19.

This report showcases five autonomous delivery examples from around the world that are helping deliver the goods during the pandemic and where next for autonomous technology… 

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COVID-19 has shifted shoppers to online, and many retailers have rapidly increased their online order capacities using in-store picking.

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Ocado has announced it will acquire two robotic companies based in the US, Kindred Systems and Haddington Dynamics. Enhancing robotic picking capabilities Ocado is acquiring Kindred Systems, and advanced AI-powered robotics company, for around $262m. Kindred designs, supplies and services sophisticated piece-picking robots for ecommerce and order fulfilment. This robotic picking solution is...
Ocado announced the acquisition of a minority stake in robotics startup Myrmex, and is due to take a seat on its board. Materials handling robotics Fremont, California-based Myrmex is a materials handling robotics start-up with a unique offering including autonomous mobile robots and intelligent asset handling systems. The startup’s set of solutions notably enables click-and-collect deliver...
Amazon has launched its first custom electric delivery vehicle in the US in partnership with electric vehicle manufacturer, Rivian. Meanwhile, Asda has also launched a trial of a new form of electric assisted cargo bike. Amazon’s first custom electric delivery vehicle Amazon has launched the electric delivery vehicle as part of its Climate Pledge. The Climate Pledge was co-founded by Amazon...

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