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Our vision of the store of the future provides an operational and progressive framework to inspire the industry to start the journey to create the store of 2030.

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A report assessing the tactical and strategic direction for larger grocery concepts around the world.

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Insights and strategies to optimise in-store digital signage.

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Sainsbury’s re-opened its Witney store today following several weeks of refurbishment that included being closed for 12 days. The store will be used to test many of Sainsbury’s ‘future role of store’ concepts and is host to a wide array of new features.

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Premium focused grocer, Gelson’s, which operates 28 supermarkets in Southern California, has opened a stunning flagship store in Los Angeles. We look at what makes this store special. Long standing reputation as a premium grocer Gelson’s has an enviable reputation as one of America’s leading premium grocery retailers. Alongside traditional fresh food departments, it offers chef-crafted sign...
Being prepared for future eventualities is of critical importance for any business. However, with so much disruption and uncertainty taking place globally it is understandable that businesses are focused on the next quarter or at most the next few years. Nevertheless, success will be achieved through thought leadership that comes from being visionary, and to be truly visionary you need to b...
At the recent Groceryshop event in Las Vegas, amid discussions on cutting-edge tech like AI, retail media, and unified commerce, the spotlight was also on the important theme of alternative revenue models. Let's delve deeper into this transformation. Broadening revenue horizons When we discuss alternative revenue models, we're essentially exploring new revenue sources that retailers are bei...
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We showcase 30 inspirational stores across the globe which align with the key themes of our Store of the Future 2030 model.

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Gain a view of what future growth to expect and start building your long-term strategy with our retailer and market forecasts to 2028.

Four forces of change

To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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