Insights is one of China’s fastest growing retailers that is also increasingly stretching its influence across Asia. We review its business operations and how it is using technology to revolutionise the shoppers path to purchase via its 7Fresh supermarket and world leading logistics capability.

Our new research examines how data and technology are transforming retail business models.

10 different ways food and consumer goods companies are selling their products online

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In the US, Amazon has made significant improvements to its grocery offer. Amazon usually launches new initiatives in the US and then replicates elsewhere, so these developments might provide a guide for your market.

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Walmart and Green Dot are partnering to establish a new fintech accelerator, TailFin Labs, LLC, to develop innovative products, services and technologies that sit at the intersection of retail and consumer financial services. Integrating omnichannel retail and financial services This new initiative builds on the existing relationship between the two companies. Green Dot is the issuing bank ...
Thornton’s Budgens in Belsize Park, London, has launched a new range of plastic-free products, including store cupboard essentials, drinks and personal care products. Unpackaged range At the end of 2018, Thornton's Budgens store in Camden switched more than 1,700 product lines to plastic-free packaging, with the aim of becoming "virtually plastic-free" within three years. By January 29th,...
Tesco has invested in checkout-free start-up company, Trigo Vision, to trial cashierless technology at its Tesco Express store at its Welwyn Garden City headquarters.Tesco’s investment is in addition to a $22 million funding round recently announced by Trigo Vision. Facilitating frictionless shopping Trigo Vision’s technology will allow Tesco app users to walk into the store, select items t...

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