We look at the five ways retailers are developing private label globally in 2020 and the impact this has on manufacturers and suppliers. Throughout the year, we will look in more depth at key areas, including sustainability, purchasing groups and the role of exclusive brands. 

We look at the path to purchase and how retailers can promote their private label ranges and products at different stages.

We continue the private label series, looking at the five ways retailers are developing private label globally in 2020 and the impact this has on manufacturers and suppliers. This presentation looks in more depth at the role of exclusive brands. 

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Until recently, Brazilian consumers have had a negative perception of private label, with many considering the products as being of low quality. Suppliers have invested in their brands building strong connections with shoppers, which has created a challenge for retailers looking to encourage them to try something new and different. It is, therefore, key for private label products to co-exist alongside major brands, giving customers greater flexibility.  

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In February 2019, LetterOne Retail (the majority owner of DIA Group) announced its Make DIA a Champion five-year rescue plan to secure the retailer’s future. Prior to this DIA had been facing serious financial difficulties. The Make a DIA a Champion plan is now well underway and is showing impressive results . In Q3, DIA Brazil’s net sales increased by 20% (in local currency), with a ...
Tesco and leading Australian variety discount retailer, the Reject Shop, have teamed up to sell the British retailer's private label products in Australia. Three year deal... Like many retailers, in recent years Tesco has been looking to grow revenue from leveraging the brand equity of its private label products through partnering with retailers in non-competing markets. The UK market leadi...
Target has launched the Good & Gather Signature range, featuring 60 new products developed with specialty ingredients. Simplifying the food offer The retailer launched the core Good & Gather range 12 months ago, growing to be a billion-dollar brand in a relatively short period of time. Consolidating several of Target’s existing private label ranges, it is expected to continue growing to be ...

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To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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