Top stores to see in 2017: part 1

Date : 27 December 2016

With our team of analysts visiting over 20 countries in 2016, we’ve identified the top stores you should visit in the year ahead to see some of the key trends shaping format development in the sector, including:

  • The development of new offers and services

  • Investment in new channels 

  • The re-purposing of space to ensure the future relevancy of existing stores

Here’s our first instalment of a three-part series featuring some of our top stores to see.

USA: 365 by Whole Foods Market, Los Angeles, California

Whole Foods Market launched its new value-focused store concept in May. The smaller format store features a curated range of mainly private label products at value prices. Featuring a contemporary look and feel, the store is geared towards millennials and utilises technology to streamline the shopping experience.

Source: IGD Research

Why we chose it

  1. Unique concept but is complementary to the core Whole Foods Market chain.
  2. Developed with a lower cost structure and operating model that is providing learnings which are being applied across the full business.
  3. Re-thinks the Whole Foods Market model for foodservice through external partnerships as part of its ‘Friends of 365’ program.

Argentina: Carrefour, Buenos Aires

Carrefour has innovated in a big way with store formats across many different markets over the past year. The Monroe compact hypermarket in Buenos Aires stands out as one of its most progressive in how it has integrated digital into the mainstream proposition to improve the shopping experience.

Source: IGD Research

Why we chose it

  1. Digital from start to finish. The huge digital screen on entry features welcome messaging that can change at different times of the week or seasons, and to promote relevant offers in-store.
  2. Targeting a key area of frustration – the queue. We were struck by the value that digital integration added in saving shoppers time at the checkout – a common area of frustration in-store, in enabling shoppers to start queuing digitally during, rather than after, their shop.
  3. Making the standout parts of the store stand out more. Signage at the counters helps the decision-making process for shoppers, by providing supporting product information and relevant offers.

South Africa: Woolworths Waterstone, Cape Town

Woolworths’ flagship store in South Africa , Waterstone spotlights its food credentials through the quality of its offer, food-to-go ranges and its dine in café/restaurant area. The retailer’s standard grocery offer is enhanced at Waterstone by the presence of a coffee bar, chocolate concession and a wonderful bakery offer, all of which provide shoppers with reasons to stop and spend longer in-store.

Source: IGD Research

Why we chose it

  1. Woolworths Waterstone is a statement from the retailer about its strength in grocery; spotlighting its local buying and long-standing relationships with suppliers.
  2. The retailer spotted shoppers’ desire for convenience and happiness to eat at supermarkets, with the food-to-go ranges complemented by the café/restaurant at this store.
  3. Waterstone is a great example of how supermarkets are able to blur their strategies and offers with elements of consumer foodservice to target new shoppers missions.

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