SPAR International focusing on long term strategy

Date : 20 October 2016

As the first SPAR China Congress opens, underlining the retailer’s growth in that key market, we look at developments from operators in India, Croatia, Hungary and the Netherlands.

SPAR to grow in focus market of India

As part of the opening ceremony of its fourth store in Hyderabad and 18th overall, SPAR Hypermarkets’ managing director, Rajeev Krishnan, has set out the retailer’s short term expansion plans. Krishnan said that over the next 12 to 18 months SPAR expected to consolidate its network of stores in the country, expand its selling space by 40%, grow sales by over 30% and expand online. He noted how shoppers appreciated the hypermarket’s one stop solution, while its private label ranges, which account for 10% of sales, are helping to differentiate itself from rivals and project quality messages.

SPAR Croatia to drive short term investment

SPAR Croatia has said it will invest €100m in its operations over the next two years. The retailer said that it would spend the money on buying stores, moving away from renting space, building production facilities and renovating existing sites. SPAR Croatia, which operates 52 stores in the country, said its expansion plans would focus on in cities by the coast and adjacent islands.

SPAR Hungary to invest in existing estate

SPAR Hungary has said it will invest HUF1.6 bn (US$5.7m) in renovating seven stores in the country. The retailer said that it had updated four already, with money spent to make the stores more energy efficient. SPAR Hungary said that despite the investment in existing stores it was still searching for opportunities to grow its presence in the country.

SPAR Netherlands runs private label promotion

To encourage shoppers to try its private label products and drive a value for money message, SPAR Netherlands has begun a promotion that will see shoppers get a free private label version of branded products that they purchase. The company said that six different products will be promoted in this way each week for three weeks.