Shoprite (SA)’s CEO announces retirement

Date : 31 October 2016

Whitey Basson, South Africa-based Shoprite’s chief executive, has announced his retirement. Basson has been with Shoprite for nearly 45 years, overseeing the expansion of the business from an eight store chain to one operating nearly 2,000 stores in 15 countries.

Basson drove Shoprite’s expansion

As part of its statement announcing Basson’s retirement, Shoprite’s chairman, Christo Wiese, said that he had helped drive Shoprite’s ‘pioneering expansion into the rest of Africa’. Wiese also noted how Basson had ‘…successfully acquired and integrated Grand Bazaars, Checkers and OK Bazaars’. Basson will remain with Shoprite, as non-executive vice-chairman, with the company noting he will be ‘...available to management to ensure an orderly leadership transition’.

Pieter Engelbrecht to take over on 1 January 2017

As part of the announcement of Basson’s retirement, Shoprite said that he would be succeeded by the retailer’s existing chief operating officer, Pieter Engelbrecht, who will take over on 1 January 2017. Engelbrecht has been with Shoprite for 20 years, with Basson noting that he had been dealing with ‘…about 50% of the operating issues [at the company recently]’, which should help an orderly transition.