Metro India deploys new sales team

Date : 01 December 2016

Metro Cash and Carry in India is utilising a new sales team to target traditional Kirana store outlets, in what has been described as a world first for the retailer.

Tablets allow sales team to place orders immediately...

Metro is using sales advisors to go out and visit Kirana stores, take orders directly from the owners and have the products delivered to the stores. The current team of approximately 20 people visit stores on a daily basis and using tablets, process orders and suggest new products for stores to sell. The new process means that store owners do not even have to visit a Metro store and the retailer can also look to lock in new business prospects. The method is like nothing else Metro has tried around the world for retail customers.

Metro aims to grow team over time

Metro has doubled the sales team over the past three months and plans to continue this growth. The new concept is helping Metro increase its share of business with the vast Kirana store network in India. As well as targeting new customers, the sales advisors also play a critical role in engaging with existing store owners who already buy products via the wholesaler. Advisors will also deliver added value by recommending to store owners on organisation and design of their outlets to help drive sales.

India requires its own unique solutions

Arvind Mediratta, Metro Cash and Carry India managing director and chief executive officer, commented, "The market dynamics is very different in India. You need to reach the customers, they won’t come to you unless they realise the benefits. This is a concept that is followed for the hotels, restaurants and cafes in some of the countries. No other market has so many Kirana stores like India, and the Kirana store concept will be there for few more decades in India. You need to go to them...”