Four key questions answered by IGD’s Datacentre

Kevin Barnes
Head of Retail Insight - Data

Date : 21 August 2018

We’ve improved our quick access tables and charts across Retail Analysis. These are now easier to interpret with an updated look and feel, helping you gain the insights you need. It’s part of our commitment to continually evolve our service.

You will find these reports on any retailer or country At-a-glance page. Alternatively, visit our pre-set reports area on the Datacentre Homepage for our full range of options.

Here are some frequently-asked-for insights and how to get them from this homepage.

Q: How will my retailer perform across its international markets?

Find out the relative size of operations across different markets and how we see their performance developing. Where are the opportunities and challenges? Where will most of the retailer’s growth come from over the next five years?

Retailer Overview: Sales & Stores by Country and Top Market Forecasts

Q: How do retailers rank by size in my region or market?

Quickly identify retailers’ market share and understand how concentrated the market is. Is the retailer a major player? Do we anticipate its market share changing over the next five years?

Country Overview: Grocery Retail Market Shares; Regional Overview: Top [name of region] Grocery Retailers

Q: How important are different channels in my market of interest?

Consider how important specific channels, such as convenience or discount, are in each market. Identify whether we see the share of business through these channels changing over the next five years. Uncover insights at a country or individual retailer level.

Rankings By Country: Country Leading Retailers: Grocery Stores Distribution By Channel

Q: Which markets show the strongest growth over the next five years?

Quickly access our unique grocery market sizes and compare the markets in a region. Are some markets projected to grow faster than others? What’s the spending power per person?

Rankings By Region: [name of region] Grocery Retail Market Ranking


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