Emart launches two new formats

Date : 01 September 2016

South Korea’s leading hypermarket retailer Emart has opened the first store dedicated to its private label products “No Brand”, and it’s planning to launch a new high-end grocery store format in September.

Six No Brand stores scheduled to open

Emart has opened its first No Brand store, converted from an Emart Everyday in Yongin. A second location will open in September in the eastern outskirts of Seoul. Additionally, six No Brand stores are scheduled to open this year.

No Brand line is only launched by Emart last year and it offers high-quality products at low cost thanks to its minimal branding and no-frills packaging. The total sales of No Brand products reached KRW 7.8b (US$6.3m) in January, with more than 10 million items sold last month. No Brand products are 40% to 60% cheaper than branded alternatives.

The line already includes food, snacks and other basics, but the group now plans to introduce more variety with kitchenware and other home products.

Trialling premium retail format

Emart has scheduled to launch an upscale grocery store “PK Market” at Starfield Hanam, the nation’s largest suburban complex shopping mall when it’s open in September.

PK Market is expected to sell premium food items in a traditional market ambience. An Emart official said that at PK Market, a wide range of top-quality food products will be sold 20% to 30% cheaper than other similar premium hypermarkets. Around 40% of 10,000 grocery products would be top-tier imported brands.

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