Walmart putting the fun back into stores with Mother’s May Markets

Date : 26 April 2021

Stewart Samuel

Program Director - Canada

Following successful drive-in movie, game day and Halloween events at its car parks last year, Walmart is launching Mother’s May Markets at selected Supercenters in the US.

Mother’s Day becomes Mother’s Month

With its focus on moms and Mother’s Day, Walmart is launching a month-long series of events, recognising the challenging year many will have experienced due to the pandemic. This includes Mother’s May Markets, which will be hosted in at 32 Supercenters from May6-9, the launch of a dedicated website,, where users can make custom cards and handmade gifts, and creating curated gift lists.

Source: Walmart

Builds on 2020 programmes

The Mother’s May Markets build on the events which Walmart launched within its car parks last year, including drive-in movies and Game Day Marketplaces and Halloween adventures. Areas will be transformed into free, outdoor markets, enabling families to gather and create handmade crafts. They will also be able to take away a complimentary family photo and gift bag, which will also be available through a walk-up experience.

Creating excitement to drive traffic into a more profitable channel

We expect to see more events like this over the course of 2021, especially in Europe and North America over the summer months as the crisis eases. For many operators, car parks are an under-utilised asset. Retailers will be focusing on creating excitement within their stores after a year of shopping within a COVID-19 environment, driven by rules and restrictions. In most stores, this has meant a focus on creating a fast and easy trip, with very little to excite customers. However, retailers want to ensure that their stores remain attractive and fun places to visit, especially given the better channel margins compared to online shopping.

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