Mother’s Day 2021, UK: seven eye-catching initiatives

Date : 10 March 2021

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

This year, Mother’s Day in the UK will be celebrated on 14 March. Despite lockdown measures easing from 8 March in the UK, most restrictions will still be in place, meaning it will not be a standard Mother’s Day for many.

Regardless of this, shoppers continue to seek ways to celebrate the event, but in a safe and memorable way. We highlight seven best-in-class initiatives this Mother’s Day, following on from our look at how retailers in the UK are activating the event in-store.

Expanding the dining-in experience

Seasonal meal kits have become a popular and viable alternative to enable shoppers bring the dining-out experience to their homes. With more brands and retailers offering this as a solution, it is becoming an increasingly competitive part of the market.

Pizza Pilgrims’ Mother’s Day kit, ‘send flour and not flowers’, is a great example of extending beyond the at-home meal kit offering. It is adding to the dining-in experience by making it exciting and engaging with its cook-along on its Instagram Live site, with its founder James Elliot and his mum.

Source: Pizza Pilgrims

Exploring opportunities for afternoon-tea

Afternoon tea is a trend on the rise, due to increased demand for in-home celebrations, according to Waitrose. Rosie Hancock, Waitrose’s bakery product developer said, ‘sales of teatime cakes rose last summer by 95% which led us to develop a new offer of afternoon tea and celebration cakes, reflecting the demand for celebratory food and drink’.

With afternoon tea being a popular activity, Morrisons is offering customers the opportunity to replicate the experience at-home with its new ‘Afternoon Tea Box’, which retails for £20.

Source: Morrisons

Using last milers to deliver key categories

Waitrose is working with Deliveroo to offer on-demand delivery of fresh flowers for Mother’s Day. Orders are delivered to customers’ doors in 30 minutes. According to research from Deliveroo, flowers are a key gifting category on Mother’s Day with nearly half of people saying they send them to their mothers every year.

Source: Waitrose

Preparing in advance

Nisa has been helping shoppers plan for the event by showcasing Mother’s Day products in-store and online since February. Nisa’s wholesale category controller, Donna Powell said,

“As shoppers are now typically taking fewer trips to the shops with bigger basket-spends, customers will be looking to purchase their Mother’s Day gifts even earlier this year. Because of this we are encouraging our retailer partners to get their Mother’s Day displays out in February ahead of the event. Convenience is key for shoppers in 2021, and by providing customers with the ability to pick up their Mother’s Day gifts while doing the rest of their grocery shopping, we are confident that this promotion will help drive additional sales for our retail partners.”

Source: Nisa

Thoughtful marketing

According to KAM media, this year, one in five consumers have reported they would not like to receive Mother’s Day messages. Retailers such as Tesco, Ocado and The Body Shop are acknowledging that celebrating Mother’s Day can be difficult for some families and are offering customers the option to ‘opt-out’ of Mother’s Day communication.

Source: The Body Shop

D2C via social media

Brands are connecting directly with customers to promote their Mother’s Day gifting options via ads on Instagram Stories. Showcasing products and discounts help to capture users’ attention and makes it easier for them to access brands’ online shop.

In 2018, Instagram reported that 58% of people became more interested in a brand/product after viewing it in their Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, 50% said they have visited a website to buy a product/service because of seeing it on Instagram Stories.

Source: Instagram

Ocado offering premium beauty gifting

Ocado has launched a virtual pop-up store for premium beauty brand, Charlotte Tilbury. The online grocery retailer will stock over 50 of the luxury brand’s products, which will be available for a limited time from 5 March.

This comes at a perfect time when shoppers are on the lookout for Mother’s Day gifts. It provides shoppers with an easy and quick way to ‘find the perfect gifts to celebrate the most important people in your life and have them delivered straight to your door with your weekly shop!!”.

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