A summer like no other: staycation solutions

Sabira Habib
Retail Analyst

Date : 20 August 2020

Summer this year has looked very different to before as social distancing and travelling restrictions impact summer plans. Retailers and brands are addressing the challenges posed by the global pandemic and coming up with innovative solutions and exciting products to help shoppers celebrate summer safely. We explore one of the most prominent trends this summer, staycation.

The rise of staycation trend

The pandemic has led to people seeking ways to enjoy summer safely by exploring destinations closer to home with staycation and camping becoming popular activities this summer. VisitBritain reported almost 14 million adults in Britain intend to take a holiday in the UK before the end of September. The growing trend has led retailers and brands to develop new products and services that promote ease and safety to elevate the staycation experience even further.

Bringing holiday destinations home

Morrisons’ summer campaign ‘Taste of Holidays’ offered a range of products inspired by flavours from Spain and Portugal along with recipes to make it easier to create the holiday-inspired meals at home. The campaign used clear signage in-store to capture shoppers’ attention to the wide range of items displayed such as drinks and sauces that could be paired with the meal to enhance the experience.  

Source: IGD Research

Repurposing space for staycation entertainment

Walmart in the US has teamed up with Tribeca Enterprises to convert 160 car parks to drive-in cinemas so that families can enjoy summer with the big screen outdoors. It also provided the option of ordering drive-in essentials online for curbside pick-up. This initiative highlights Walmart’s focus to be a key resource to the community during the pandemic by offering its support that extends beyond groceries and other items.

Source: Walmart

One-person floating convenience store

SPAR introduced its first one-person floating store in the Netherlands to offer day-trippers and holidaymakers quick and safe access to healthy meals, snacks, and drinks. Water sports enthusiasts and recreationists could also place orders online and items would be delivered to the port the same day by local SPAR entrepreneurs.

Source: Spar.nl

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