Supplier insights: ecommerce sales break 10% barrier at P&G

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 30 July 2020

In reporting full-year results, Procter & Gamble (P&G) saw ecommerce sales increase 40% to over $7bn, representing over 10% of the company’s sales.

Ecommerce sales up 50% in second half

P&G was one of the early investors in the ecommerce channel, focused on creating dedicated teams, products and strategies to grow its business significantly. Spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it saw a significant growth across the year, including growth of 50% in the second half.

Aiming to ensure category share equal to offline share

Developing its business in this area continues to be a major focus, especially in China and the US, two of its strategic growth markets. P&G aims to ensure that its ecommerce shares are equal to, or higher, than its offline shares in each category, and with the same level of profitability.

Source: P&G

Supporting channel profitability

To support this latter goal, the company has worked with its retail partners to minimise distribution and last mile costs. It has also adjusted its supply chain and packaging capability to better meet the needs of its retail customers, ecommerce aggregators and consumers.

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