Carrefour supports small and local producers in France

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 20 November 2020

Carrefour has launched a new initiative to support local producers in France, as part of its ‘Zero kilometer’ commitment.

Agreement to focus on ‘ultra-local alliances’

Carrefour is aiming to support local producers and meet shoppers’ growing demand for goods produced as close as possible to their homes. The ‘zero kilometer’ commitment will see the retailer form ultra-local alliances by enabling each of its stores to source products from small producers who operate as close to them as possible. For producers, particularly in fresh fruits and vegetables, this will enable them to sell directly in the nearest Carrefour store without having to deal with third parties.

Commitment to enable product to get on shelves quickly

To quicken the impact of the commitment Carrefour has said it will use a simplified contract, of no more than two pages, which will enable a producer to get product on a stores’ shelves in 48 hours of it being signed. Carrefour also pledged to pay for the products in seven days, helping small producers with their cash flow. The new initiative follows Carrefour France’s managing director, Rami Baitieh, appealing through the company’s website how it wanted to ‘highlight French products, local products, and ultra-local products’.

Local becoming an increasing focus for retailers in France

Retailers in France recently signed up to supporting and highlighting fresh agricultural, aquatic, and local products as part of a charter between them and the government. However, Carrefour’s initiative is seeing it get ahead of these commitments and, along with other retailers in the country, supporting local and small producers given the challenging and on-going impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.