Morrisons introduces 'Speedy Shopping' for basket customers

Nick Gladding
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 14 May 2020

Morrisons has launched a new system to make top-up shopping more practical for basket shoppers.

Separate lane for basket shoppers

Stores will now have a separate lane for basket shoppers so that they will no longer need to share the same queue as shoppers using trolleys. Three Speedy Shopping customers will be invited in for every trolley shopper. Clear signage and marshalls will help customers choose a Speedy Shopping or 'Big Shop' queue. Baskets will be placed outside the store at the entrance to the speedy shopping lane.

Speedy shopper checkouts in-store

Inside stores there will be dedicated Speedy Shopper checkouts - both colleague-operated and self-scan. To increase the speed of payments for basket customers, more self-scan tills will be turned into ‘card only’. In-store marshalls will help guide customers to the appropriate queues - and minimise queueing where possible. Commenting on the initiative, Morrisons CEO David Potts said “It’s fair that customers doing smaller shopping trips should queue for less time too. Speedy Shopping will ensure that Morrisons stores will be more convenient for customers wanting a small basket of items."

More agile thinking from Morrisons

The launch of Speedy Shopping is the latest example of a quickly implemented response by Morrisons to the challenges created by Covid-19. In recent weeks the retailer has expanded its food box service for vulnerable and shielded customers to offer 10 different variants, introduced barbecue and seafood counters in-store, reintroduced takeaway coffees and expanded online rapid delivery options through its partnerships with Amazon Prime Now and Deliveroo.

Morrisons released strong Q1 results on Tuesday, with group LFL sales up 5.7% - read our analysis here.

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