Esselunga expands its proximity store presence

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 27 May 2020

Italy-based Esselunga has announced plans to expand its La Esse proximity format. Separately, it has introduced strategies to support suppliers and shoppers affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

Expanding La Esse stores

Esselunga revealed it intends to expand its La Esse banner after launching the first proximity store in November 2019. The retailer plans to open its La Esse banner in cities such as Genoa, Livorno and Mantua. Esselunga expects to invest €300m to open 12 La Esse over the next 18 months.

The retailer claims its growth strategy focuses on meeting shoppers’ need for increased convenience. Therefore, Esselunga is implementing a multichannel approach, combining the best elements of its ecommerce store and its traditional supermarkets.

Esselunga’s strategy during the pandemic

Sami Kahale, Esselunga’s CEO, stated ‘We cannot stand still and look at the difficulty and general concern caused by the spread of COVID-19. Everyone has to do their part.

During the pandemic Esselunga continued to expand its network and meet shoppers’ increased demand during the unprecedented times. The retailer opened a new store in Milan and another Lecco to expand its presence in urban areas.

Esselunga has donated €2.5m to hospitals and organisations participating in the scientific research on COVID-19. Furthermore, the retailer prepared a €530m credit line, in conjunction with UniCredit, to pay suppliers promptly.


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