Coronavirus (Covid-19): DIA’s latest initiatives

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 05 May 2020

Spain-based DIA has introduced an initiative to support food and safety in 2020. Separately, the group offers other initiatives to help different segments of the community facing up to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Social support initiatives

DIA has launched a social support programme called DIA Contribuye 2020. The retailer has invested €1m to support vulnerable groups during the year. Furthermore, the project aligns to the group’s social strategy and purpose in all the countries it operates in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.

The initiative helps to provide a solution to the challenges’ society is confronting from Covid-19. A special focus is dedicated to vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly, youth and families at risk of exclusion.

The main areas that reinforce the programme and connects it to DIA’s company activities include:

  • DIA supports the partnerships with of all those who make up the supply chain, that allows it to provide food daily
  • The retailer is the neighbourhood store and claims the group acts as a connection point in every neighbourhood, community and town

Source:  DIA

Stephan DuCharme, DIA’s CEO stated ‘It is time for companies to step up and help society, help our communities, our employees and our franchisees. DIA believes that, in this social context, it has the responsibility to take an active and relevant role’.

Other Covid-19 initiatives

DIA has introduced several initiatives to support Spanish communities during Covid-19:

  • The group has donated over 16,000 kg to food banks across Spain
  • DIA donated 50,000 units of Easter products to Caritas, the Spanish Civil Guard and groups at risk of exclusion in Galicia, Zaragoza and Madrid
  • The group has helped provide two Zaragoza hospitals with protective equipment for health professionals
  • The retailer has offered 1,500 sq. m of logistical storage space, in Valencia for use by the public
  • DIA launched a ‘We double your solidarity’ support programme, the initiative matches any donation by DIA franchisees


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