Coronavirus (COVID-19): Aldi UK launches online grocery essentials parcels

Lucy Ingram
Retail Analyst

Date : 16 April 2020

Aldi UK is launching an online delivery service to help vulnerable shoppers.

Essentials food parcels

The new service will be launched on Friday 17th April. Aldi will be offering food parcels that cost £24.99 (US$31.34), including delivery. They will be limited to one per shopper.

The parcels will contain 22 essential products including tea, pasta and antibacterial handwash. The majority of items included are long-life ambient products.

The managing director for corporate responsibility, Fritz Walleczek has said;

"We are committed to providing quick, safe and affordable access to food for all our customers. We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to support our customers in these uncertain times and I’m hopeful that these food parcels will make life a little easier for some of the country’s most at-risk people."

Other initiatives to help support the vulnerable

Aldi has put in place measures to support the elderly and most vulnerable in store. They have exclusive access to stores for 30 minutes browsing time before they open, from Monday to Saturday. They can then purchase items as the stores open to the general public.

Aldi also donated £250,000 (US$313,549) to Age UK at the beginning of the outbreak in March.

What does this mean for the future?

Online is the fastest-growing grocery channel in the UK. However, the cost and complexity of ecommerce is not a natural fit for discount operators. As online shopping increasingly becomes the norm, discounters run the risk of losing out to competitors. In response to this we are increasingly seeing the discounters develop their online proposition.

We do not expect this particular service to continue after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, however it further develops Aldi's online position. The retailer has slowly been building on its online offering for the past few years. It has added spirits, Special Buys and staples such as coffee pods and health and beauty to its initial wine offering. During the festive season it sells Christmas hampers that contain a range of products including alcohol and food. Most recently, in October 2019 it also opened an online toy shop.

With Lidl UK's online launch on the horizon we expect Aldi to continue to develop its online proposition further in the future.

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