Amazon to reopen warehouses in France

Rachel Sibson
Retail Analyst

Date : 19 May 2020

Following closure in April due to a court ruling, Amazon is reopening its warehouses in the country after reaching an agreement with workers’ unions.

Reopening of six warehouses

In April, Amazon closed its six warehouses in France following a court order to ensure safety measures to protect workers against coronavirus (COVID-19). The retailer will now reopen its warehouses this week after reaching an agreement with four major French workers’ unions.

Commenting on Twitter, Amazon France said: “This follows five weeks of discussions during which we repeatedly provided clarifications and information on the security measures implemented in our distribution centres to protect our employees.”

According to reports from Reuters, warehouses will initially open with around 30% of employees, with the 10,600 permanent and temporary staff employed set to progressively return by 2nd June.

As a result of the deal, restrictions on the products Amazon can sell have been lifted. Previously, Amazon was restricted to delivering IT, health, food and pet products.

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