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In this report, we discuss how grocery shopping has evolved in five different ways in China during the pandemic.

We summarise activity from retailers in Central and Eastern Europe as they respond with urgency and empathy to the evolving Coronavirus pandemic.

We look at how shoppers have reacted in-store to the reality of staying at home and lower availability.

With several factors underpinning an elevated level of demand for the next two to three months, retailers are adapting their commercial trading strategies. In this presentation we identify some of the actions retailers are taking and the implications for suppliers.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects more parts of the country, we summarise the latest responses from food retailers in the UK to ensure stores function as efficiently as possible and food and groceries remain accessible to all.

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Colombian discount retailer D1 has formed alliances with two online delivery platforms, Mi Aguila and Picap, to offer customers home delivery during the coronavirus epidemic.

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Improved hygiene – meaning more frequent hand washing and sanitising – is a key part of the response to Coronavirus. As a result, supplies of soap and sanitising gel have come under pressure. Several UK drinks companies have responded to this need by re-purposing their equipment to produce alcoholic gels and washes. Alternatively, some are supplying high-strength alcohol to specialist companie...
The UK government has developed a range of activities to support businesses through the turmoil associated with Coronavirus, focusing especially on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is likely, however, that some businesses will still become insolvent as a result of Coronavirus. Plans for reforming insolvency laws have therefore been brought forward as part of the government respon...
The Competition Act (1998) provides for the Secretary of State for Business to allow certain practices that would otherwise be prohibited, where there is compelling public benefit. The UK government has therefore laid before Parliament a new Statutory Instrument (SI), allowing for temporary relaxation of the competition rules for the grocery supply chain LINK . The Competition Act 199...

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