Store visits

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We visited this new concept neighbourhood DIA Market store in São Paulo. With its strong perishables, bakery and convenience focus, it's a great example of ‘discountvenience’ – bridging the divide between discount and convenience.
X5 Retail Group has been remodeling its Pyaterochka discount stores to a new concept which has embedded the global trend of convenience and a new fulfillment process. A new fresh bakery product range has been tailored to Russian shoppers.
We visited two Douglas stores in Germany to see how it is blending online and offline to increase engagement with beauty shoppers.
Lidl has been testing a new store concept in the basement of a department store in Cologne high street. The Lidl City store has a premium look and includes an impressive fresh bakery section and high penetration of organic (BIO) ranges, while merchandising in the health & beauty section indicates that Lidl has beauty products on the radar.
Lincoln Extra is a community store designed to be fit for the future. It replaces a high performing superstore, showing how the hypermarket format will continue to play an important role for Tesco in serving communities with high sales potential.
Shoppers Drug Mart’s enhanced ‘beautyBOUTIQUE’ has been developed to offer shoppers an elevated prestige beauty experience. With a focus on premium brands, digital signage and new fragrance and dermatology areas, this concept raises the bar in drugstore and beauty retailing.
We visited two of Marks and Spencer’s newest stores in Western Europe, in Amsterdam and Paris, to see how the retailer is using its grocery range to win in the region by targeting food-for-now and food-for-later missions.
We visited Mannings in Guangzhou to experience how Mannings China are more effectively working with suppliers and enhancing shopper loyalty.
Brazil-based GPA’s Clube Extra is a multichannel rewards scheme that aims to put customers at the heart of strategy. Check out this slide for the key facts and IGD’s assessment.

We visited two different Aldi stores in London to see how the discounter is enhancing the existing estate while focusing on growing its city store format.