Predictions for the future of food-to-go 2020-2022

Nicola Knight
Senior Analyst – Food-To-Go

The food-to-go sector will decline by 43% in 2020 to £10.8bn, according to our new forecasts. A degree of bounce-back is anticipated in 2021, with high levels of year-on year growth off a low base. However, the market will only return to 88% of 2019 levels (£16.7bn) in 2022, despite continued high growth rates.

Previous forecasts saw the sector growing at twice the rate of grocery retail. Unsurprisingly, 2020 has seen a rapid change in consumer behaviours and daily routines that could have long-term implications. The shift to more homeworking has had massive implications for food-to-go.

The return will be gradual and may be subject to reversal; trends may differ by geographic area depending on local lockdowns. It is reasonable to assume that some homeworking will form part of the new normal in the short and long term. This may mean food-to-go businesses will adapt to fit in with their customers’ work patterns rather than wait for old habits to resume.

Our new forecasts reveal COVID-19’s ongoing impact on food-to-go and the trends to watch.

UK food-to-go market forecasts

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