How COVID-19 will change global food retail markets by 2022

Thibault Laurentjoye
Senior Data Analyst

Most global food retail markets experienced accelerated growth during 2020 as consumer spending on food shifted from out-of-home to at-home.

Several factors have underpinned and maintained a degree of elevated growth:

  • the surge in demand that occurred at the start of the year
  • restaurant and foodservice closures
  • periodical lockdowns and second waves of the pandemic

We consider these factors’ impact on growth across major markets in 2020, and the prospects to 2022, in our new research. We expect a high degree of volatility and uncertainty to characterise the next two years.

This short extract gives you an overview of some of the key findings. It covers global market growth, the top five markets in 2022, and the highlights from China, USA and UK. 

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