Simon Mayhew
Head of Online Retail Insight

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

What could the online and discount channels look like in a post-COVID-19 world?

We’re focusing on two of our industry’s fastest-growing channels to help you understand what a post-COVID-19 world might look like. Our analysts have created 20 hypotheses for the future of the online and discount channels. Here, Simon and Maxime discuss six of these, and outline some of the considerations for your business.

Online: rapid changes mean trends are evolving 

Before this pandemic, we predicted various ecommerce trends for 2020. However, the market has changed so much and so quickly; we’re seeing trends intensify. In some instances, we’ve seen these accelerating, for example using stores as fulfilment centres, or increasing collaboration and consolidation. 

1. Elevated online grocery penetration 

We believe online grocery penetration will remain at high levels in 2020, compared to those before the pandemic. New shoppers who’ve begun to use click and collect or delivery are likely to continue, finding they benefit from its convenience. 

For retailers, can you increase your online order capacity more efficiently and maintain high operational standards? Suppliers – can you deliver a seamless experience for shoppers (online and offline)?

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