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X5’s sales will grow at over 17% in 2019, outgrowing the Russian grocery market growth at 4%. The retailer plans to continue to outgrow the market and double its market share to 20% by 2029. In this presentation we show you how it expects to reach that goal and how you as a supplier will help it to do so.

This in-depth guide to Russia explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.

Grocery sales in the CEE are expected to grow by 3.6% between 2019 and 2024. Retailers are driving this growth by revising how they run their business. Some, like Kaufland across Europe, are evolving their stores and product range to cover more shopper missions and attract more shoppers. While others, like Russia’s Pyaterochka, are investing in digital retail solutions to drive efficiency.

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In 2020 X5 launched several new online solutions and expanded the range of services it offered. This included an online marketplace, Perekrestok Vprok, and an express delivery service, Okolo.

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X5 has discussed the progress of its strategic priorities at its Capital Markets Day on 27 October 2020. We highlight our five key takeaways from the presentations and review the initiatives that define and will drive those priorities between 2020 and 2023. 1. X5 aiming to be present at every stage of the shopper journey X5 is building a retail ecosystem that will engage its customers at...
X5 announced the launch of its new discount banner Chizhik in its Capital Markets Day event in October 2020. The industry perceives this as a reaction to the fast-growing presence of hard discount retailer, Svetofor. They also question whether the new banner will cannibalise the sales of its sister discount banner, Pyaterochka. New hard discount banner to compete for value shoppers X5 opene...
Pyaterochka launched its first staffless #naletu (On the Fly) store in Moscow in October 2020. Also, following the pilot concept’s trial, the retailer plans to launch several similar projects in other districts in the capital. Smallest store in the X5 network The store stocks 900 SKUs in 80 sq. m. of selling space and has a fully automated checkout system. To use the store shoppers must dow...

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