Woolworths testing 'Shop & Go'

Date : 05 September 2018

Woolworths in Australia is about to start testing a smartphone app called 'shop & go', allowing customers to scan products and checkout via their smartphones.

Australian first for technology

The system will be tested by a few thousand Woolworths Rewards loyalty scheme members at the retailer's Double Bay store in Sydney. Shoppers will be able to scan barcodes using their phones and pay using their payment card that will be linked to the app. The retailer does not have plans to roll the service out more widely, but will limit it to Double Bay and use the exercise to gain learnings.

New features to aid trust in the service

This type of technology requires trust from both the retailer and the shopper. Woolworths will therefore also implement some additional features into Double Bay to aid this. It will install specially-designed scales to weight fruit and vegetables, as well as a checkout where customer can pay via their phone. It will also have a 'tap off' pole, whereby customers can tap their phone when leaving the store to check everything has cleared, or if the shopping needs to be checked for restricted items for example.