Woolworths partners with Loop

Date : 29 October 2019

Woolworths is the first Australian retailer to partner with US firm Loop.

Loop influence quickly spreading globally

Loop is the first global platform to partner with major brands and retailers including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, PepsiCo, and Nestlé to offer shoppers re-usable packaging. Launched in New York and Paris in May this year, in partnership with retailers such as Kroger, Walgreens and Carrefour, it will expand to the UK with Tesco, Canada with Loblaw, Germany, Japan and now Australia to become a truly global movement. 

Seeking shoppers and suppliers to test the initiative ahead of launch

Woolworths will begin the partnership in mid 2021, with products such as washing detergent, shampoo, juice or ice cream in customised, brand-specific, durable packaging that is delivered in a specially designed reusable shipping tote. When finished, the packaging is collected or can be dropped back to a store, cleaned, refilled and reused. Woolworths is asking customers to register interest in an initial trial, as well as encouraging suppliers to partner with the scheme. 

Part of ambition to reduce impact on the environment

Woolworths General Manager of Quality, Health & Sustainability,  Alex Holt, commented, “Our customers are increasingly telling us they want products that are good for them, and good for the planet. We are pleased to be working with innovative partners like TerraCycle to lead the way in offering new and cutting-edge solutions to cut down on plastic waste. Helping bring Loop to Australia is a further step in our long term ambition to reduce our impact on the environment and support a circular economy.”