Latest Christmas ads: Tesco, Lidl, Sainsbury's

Date : 17 November 2020

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

Tesco, Sainsbury's and Lidl are the latest to launch their Christmas adverts, taking light-hearted approaches to bringing seasonal cheer to shoppers.


Tesco takes a fun approach with its Christmas advert this year. Acknowledging how we've all done something that earns us a place on the naughty list (even Santa), in a year like no other, everyone deserves a treat this festive season. A diverse range of household are featured, reflecting the diversity of families which shop at Tesco.

Source: Tesco 


A musical animated advert from Lidl offers a touch of parody on competitors' Christmas marketing, including Aldi's Kevin the Carrot. A dual focus focus on quality and low prices is in keeping with Lidl's ongoing marketing messaging, with the strapline "We're big on a Christmas you can believe in".

Source: Lidl 


Like M&S, Sainsbury's has opted for a multi-part Christmas advert, focusing on spending the festive period enjoying food with loved ones at home. Entitled Gravy Song, Perfect Portions, and Big Sarnie, each features a key element of celebrating Christmas together, with the tagline "Food is home. Home is Christmas".

Source: Sainsbury's 

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners has released its much-awaited Christmas advert capturing small moments of kindness inspired by the public during the pandemic. The advert is part of its campaign, ‘Give A Little Love’ that seeks to raise £5 million to help 100,000 families.

Pippa Wicks, Executive Director of John Lewis & Partners said,

“We want this campaign to be uplifting and to inspire everyone to give some kindness in their own way this Christmas, The pandemic has proved that it’s our small acts of love and kindness, that captures what it is to be human; and when one small act of kindness multiplies it can have a lasting impact.”

Source: John Lews & Partners


Marks & Spencer launched the first of its nine-part Christmas 2020 advert series, with a new part dropping every week till the New Year. The retailer has teamed up with nine celebrities who will each voice-over a showcase of its Christmas food range.

For the campaign this year, M&S seeks to give back to the community with a pledge to donate £2 million to good causes. Each celebrity taking part will pick a charity of their choice for M&S to donate to.

Also, the retailer will select ten staff who are active volunteers and donate towards the charity they support. Each time a Sparks Loyalty customer shops in-store or online, M&S also donates to their selected charity.

The first part of the advert launched was voiced by Oscar-winner, Olivia Coleman who tantalizingly talks about the featured Christmas products such as the magical ‘Light Globe Gin Liqueur’ and chocolate panettone.

Source: M&S


Morrisons revealed its Christmas 2020 advert titled ‘Morrisons Making Christmas Special’. The advert features singer, Dua Lipa’s new track ‘Levitating’ that sets the fun and exciting tone in the advert as family members and key workers sing and dance to.

The advert shows a nurse being welcomed home by her family and various other families celebrating Christmas Day in their own ways and eating together. It also highlights giving back to the local community as it features a child donating mince pies to the in-store food bank.

Source: Morrisons


Asda released its Christmas advert this week, titled, ‘That’s an Asda Price Christmas’. The campaign acknowledges the challenges people face this year and is helping customers by offering ‘the Christmas they need, at the price they want’.

The advert features the return of real life-Asda fan, Sunny and his family. It follows the family as they prepare for the festive season with products from Asda at low prices. It showcases a wide range of products including its new Bruce the Brussel Sprout Cake.

Anna-Maree Shaw, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer said,

‘At Asda, we know how important Christmas is for our customers, this year more than ever before. Christmas is going to be a little different for everyone, but through our 'Asda Price Christmas' campaign, we want to reassure customers that everyone can have an extra special Christmas at the prices they want, which is why we’re keeping prices magically low.'

Source: Asda 


Aldi launched a 40- second teaser of its Christmas advert ‘Peel the Need’. It stars its iconic character, Kevin the Carrot for the fifth year in a row. The discount chain posted the video on its social media page on Sunday and is expected to release the full video later this month.

The advert inspired by a scene in the movie Top Gun features Kevin cruising in a fighter jet accompanied by his wingman Lieutenant Turkey, who accidentally ejects Kevin mid-flight ending the teaser with the hashtag #WhereisKevin and leaving fans excited for Kevin’s return.

Kevin the Carrot first made his debut in Aldi’s Christmas campaign in 2016 and ever since has received remarkable response from viewers.

Source: Aldi 


Amazon released its two-minute heart-warming advert titled, ‘The Show Must Go On’ and portrays community spirit during the challenging times through the depiction of a persevering and determined dancer.

It follows a young ballerina whose dreams of performing in a ballet show are shattered due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Her family, friends and neighbours come together to give her a stage and audience and ends with her emotional performance for her neighbourhood.

Simon Morris, Vice President Global Creative at Amazon said,

‘Our TV ad is inspired by, and pays tribute to, the unbeatable human spirit and the power of community that we have witnessed so often this year.’

Source: Amazon


Argos is bringing some Christmas magic to the TV screens as it embraces the themes of togetherness, support, and joy. The advert’s theme tune features the new single ‘Incredible’ by Gary Barlow.

The advert is centred around two sisters whose dreams of becoming master magicians are fulfilled after circling a magic trick set in the Argos Christmas gift guide which is depicted as a book of dreams. They are transformed into mini magicians and put on a spectacular show for their family.

Rob Quartermain, Senior Campaign Manager for Argos said,

‘This Christmas families are looking for escapism after what has been a challenging year for so many. Our magic show highlights how a simple gift can make a special memory. As the tricks get bigger, Lucy and Daisy dream bigger and, as if by magic, we see more of their family enjoy the show with them.’

Source: Argos 

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