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The retailer has sold four stores, and is closing a further three as it focusing on long-term profitability.

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Waitrose is rolling out new multicoloured recycled trays for its ready meals in an attempt to eliminate the usage of unrecyclable black plastic by the end of this year.

To save 500 tons of plastic from going to landfill

The colour of the new trays is determined based on the type of recycled plastic being used to produce them, mainly mixed PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and other containers).

According to Waitrose, the new trays are unlikely to be the same colour twice, and will range from pink and red tones to shades of green and blue following its introduction over the next fortnight.

The move will enable Waitrose & Partners to achieve its aim of phasing out single-use black plastics and save 500 tons of it from going to landfill.

Source: Waitrose / PA


Karen Graley, packaging manager at Waitrose & Partners, said: “This is an exciting example of packaging innovation that helps us move even more ready meals out of hard-to-recycle black plastic into a rainbow of recycled content that can be recycled again and again.”

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Waitrose & Partners announces plans to expand its unattended delivery service to a further 500 postcodes.

Recruiting more customers to trial "While You're Away"

The service was previously available in 300 postcodes within reach of its South London Coulsdon fulfillment centre, following a step-up of the trial first launched in October 2018. This has now been further extended to include 818 postcodes, as Waitrose seeks to recruit more customers to take part in its trial.

Customers participating in the trial are able to place smaller orders, with a minimum basket size of £25 compared to £40 for click and collect and £60 for home delivery.

Increasing the sample size of the trial will help Waitrose gather more information and data before potentially rolling the service out more broadly in the future. IGD's ShopperVista research tells us that in-home unattended deliveries appeal to 1-in-5 British online shoppers, rising significantly among younger shoppers who are more comfortable with the security of this technology.

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Market growth was 1.4% in the 12 weeks to 16 June 2019, according to the latest results from Kantar. Performance has slowed compared to this time last year, when growth was 2.1%. We look at the factors influencing this and key retailers' performance.

Cooler weather slows growth

This year growth is more modest due to the cooler weather and lack of celebratory occasions such as the World Cup to encourage spending. This month does however mark three years of continuous growth in the sector, and is an increase on May when growth was 1.3%. Also, as inflation is down 0.2pp this month to 1.0%, volumes have slightly increased 0.3pp to 0.4%.

Ocado becomes the fastest growing supermarket

Online specialist Ocado became the fastest growing supermarket with sales at +11.3%. This was ahead of the overall e-commerce market at 6%. The growth comes from a small base, with only 3% of shoppers buying from Ocado. However, the results are very positive for the retailer as it was expected to be negatively impacted by the fire at its Andover CFC for the next two years.

For subscribers who want to find out more about Ocado's results and strategy, take a look at our strategic outlook.

Discounters grow share as they expand in London

Discounters continue to win, although sales were slower this month than in May. Aldi grew the fastest at 9.3% (compared to 11.3% in May), increasing its share to 7.9%. This is up 0.5pp on last year. Lidl’s sales grew 7.5% (compared to 8.5% in May), growing its share to 5.7%.

Both discounters announced in June that they are focusing on expansion in London. Aldi 'Local' is growing, with one new store and six conversions opening in June. Lidl has set out plans to invest £500m in expansion in small London stores. This will include 40 new branches.

The new stores for both Aldi and Lidl will be smaller than their traditional format, and will have a reduced range. The discounters have previously struggled in London with the lack of large sites with car parks they prefer to operate in. The new format gives the retailers more flexibility to expand in the city.

Co-op grows through frequent store visits

Co-op continues to have positive results, growing its market share to 6.2%. The retailer continues to expand in London and the South, which has made the region its largest area for growth. Shoppers frequently visit stores for small basket shops, with the average visiting 22 times over the course of 12 weeks.

Tesco is the best performer of the big four

Tesco was the only one of the big four to not lose sales. Last week, the retailer updated its strategic priorities and going forwards will prioritise total sales growth over LFL growth in its continuing drive to rebuild its profit margins.

The other retailers in the big four; Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons continue struggle in the challenging market, with negative sales growth.

Iceland remains in growth

Iceland continues to perform well, with growth of 0.6%. The retailer recently revealed its results for the 52 weeks ending 29 March 2019. Sales increased by 4.5% to £3.08bn in the reported period. This was driven by new store openings as like-for-like sales were broadly flat.


Retailer 12 weeks to 17th June 2018 12 weeks to 16th June 2019 Sales growth (Y-O-Y%)
Tesco 27.7 27.3 0.0%
Sainsbury's 15.6 15.3 -0.6%
Asda 15.1 14.9 -0.1%
Morrisons 10.6 10.4 -0.5%
Aldi 7.4 7.9 9.3%
Co-op 6.1 6.2 3.0%
Lidl 5.4 5.7 7.5%
Waitrose 5.1 5.0 0.0%
Iceland 2.2 2.1 0.6%
Ocado 1.2 1.3 11.3%
Other Multiples 1.8 1.9 8.5%
Symbols & Independents 1.8 1.7 -3.0%


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