JJ Foodservice adds festive focus to B2C offer

Date : 24 November 2020

Patrick Mitchell-Fox

Senior Analyst

Tech-led foodservice wholesaler, JJ Foodservice has launched a ‘Christmas at Home’ range designed to target the needs of domestic consumers over the coming festive season.  The range comprises some 70 lines suitable to the family shopper, offering the opportunity to access unique, restaurant quality products to elevate the coming celebrations.

Supported with promotional ‘countdown’

Including fresh meat and fish as well as alcohol, snacking lines, prepared party food and desserts, the Christmas at Home range will be backed by a four-week promotional countdown to Christmas through JJ’s weekly e-mail newsletter and social media accounts.  Commenting on the range, Sezer Ozkul, Chief Product Officer, JJ Foodservice said ‘we will be offering fantastic prices on everything from meat and fish to prosecco and party food.’

B2C now 14% of JJ’s sales

Having formally launched its B2C offer back in March, during the first lockdown, JJ Foodservice has now built a range of 500 products suitable for domestic consumers and now plans to double this going forward.  While JJ acknowledges that end consumers will never be a primary customer group, with persisting disruption to its core out-of-home trade, B2C has become an important subsidiary channel for it, key to ensuring business continuity.  Having hit £550,000 a-week JJ’s B2C business was accounting for around 14% of total sales prior to the imposition of the second lockdown on 5 November.