Dee Bee Wholesale takes cancelled trade show online

Date : 03 June 2020

Patrick Mitchell-Fox

Senior Analyst

With the opportunity to create the buzz of the traditional in-depot wholesale trade show seriously compromised by the need for social distancing, Grimsby-based Unitas member Dee Bee has launched its first online trade show to fill the gap in its promotional calendar.  Replacing the cancelled ‘physical’ trade show planned for May, Dee Bee has created a dedicated online space allowing customers access to its range of special deals between 1 and 7 June.

Sales of £120,000 on the first day

Typically, one of the key platforms for supplier engagement and communication in the B2B sector, trade shows are a major focus as promotional events for independent retailers, offering special one-off deals supporting new product launches as well as established lines.  With just 20% of its customer base having ‘visited’ the trade show, Dee Bee’s sales of £120,000 on 1 June shows a significant level of customer appetite, and a notable success for the business, whose annual turnover is around £70m.

Customers can place up to three orders

Retailers have the chance to ‘visit’ the show three times and can create an order on each occasion.  Orders can then be amended at any time over the seven days of the event before being submitted.  Product will be made available over a six-week period from the week commencing 15 June as suppliers fulfill the orders.

Nick Ramsden, Managing Director, Dee Bee Wholesale commented:

‘The virtual show was something we have been thinking of over the past year.  An online line trade show is more convenient for retailers.  Depending on the success of this virtual show, there’s a possibility we might hold similar events online in the future.’