The latest update of IGD’s unique wholesaling sector dataset, evolved specifically to track the key changes occurring in the channel such as the growth of online/electronic ordering and the shift into delivery service.

We profile the recently formed Unitas Wholsale buying group, created by the merger of Landmark and Today's.

We review the remapping of customer relationships and the impact on UK wholesaling, following the collpase of the market's leading delivered operator.

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Having seen sustained demand up over 100% for much of the national lockdown period, regional cash & carry wholesaler, Parfetts has now established contingencies for increased stockholding, including additional storage facilities, in preparation for the possibility of secondary lockdowns as Covid-19 infection rates start to rise again.

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It has been reported that Confex the impulse-led wholesale buying group has ended its link with with Unitas Wholesale, the UK’s biggest wholesale buying group, with which it held associate membership.  The link derived from the relationship created between Confex and the Landmark buying group in 2000, which was then perpetuated when Landmark merged with the Today’s Group in 2018 to form Unitas. ...
Speaking to Cash & Carry Management Magazine, John Kinney, sales & marketing director for Unitas Wholesale, has pointed to the key opportunities that independent retailers now have to build on the advantages gained as pillars of community support during pandemic emergency. Need for delivery to continue Having overcome the challenges of launching delivery services to support the vulnerable a...
Speaking to the Grocer magazine Sedat Kaan Hendekli, Head of Operations for JJ Foodservice has revealed that the wholesaler has now successfully regained its level of pre-emergency turnover, reporting £4.2m of sales in the last week (that would be c£220m annualized).  Despite still missing elements of its customer base such as schools and restaurants,  JJ has been able to build on its strength as...

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