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Healthier products set to become a significant category for the retailer.

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The retailer sees greater opportunity on the Star Market format. Focus on supermarket format Trent Hypermarket has shut all of its Star Daily stores. A total of 20 Star Daily stores are affected by this announcement. In a statement issued by the company, a spokesperson for the company said, “ the Star Market format is seen to afford the most sustainable platform for expansion and consequent...
Trent Hypermarket, the Tesco Tata joint venture in India, is working to relaunch its Star Bazaar hypermarket format in order to focus more on groceries and apparel. Tesco team helping drive focus on fresh food and clothing Trent is working closely with Tesco to develop the new format, which is expected to deliver a more contemporary experience, whilst maintaining local relevance. The sto...
Trent Hypermarket, Tesco's joint venture business in India has revealed an 8% increase in sales to INR849bn (US$127m) in FY15 -16. Growth in LFL sales and steady expansion Trent Hypermarket (THPL), the equally owned joint venture between the Tata Group and Tesco, sees its annual overall sales up 7.5%, largely driven by the strong 9% increase in like-for-like growth. This has helped the comp...
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