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A guide to the retailer and its operations today. Updated quarterly to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must see stores.

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See data on the retailer’s performance and forecasts for its operations by channel.

Strategic outlook for Tesco

Our in-depth review of Tesco’s current performance and forecasts 2026, including a full exploration of the retailer's four new strategic priorities.

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A guide to the UK’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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We take a closer look at the Tesco shopper. Who are they, how do they shop and what matters to them?

Retailers compared 2021

This report uses full analysis of our ShopperVista data between September 2020 and August 2021. We compare the attitudes, demographic profiles and shopping behaviours of shoppers at 9 different supermarkets – Waitrose, Tesco, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, M&S, Lidl and Aldi.

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With around two months to go until the regulations on the physical placement of HFSS products in stores in England come into force it is becoming clearer how retailers are preparing for the new laws.

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Back in January, we set out our shopper predictions for 2022. What we didn’t expect was just how turbulent this year was going to be, and the worst may still be yet to come! We have a brand-new report on ShopperVista reflecting on the predictions we made at the start of 2022, looking at how they are evolving in the current environment and what we think is to come in the latter half of 2022. We...
Loop has announced that its one-year trial with Tesco is set to end. Announcing the trial’s end Loop said that ‘ Tesco has decided to end the trial to reflect on the insights collected. This means the reuse area will soon be removed from your Tesco store .’ Customers with Loop packaging have until 31 October to return their packaging to one of its return points. Loop highlights positive custom...
As Tesco introduces its Delivery Savers scheme and enables children to eat free in its cafés, we round up developments from the retailer. Tesco introduces three tiers in Delivery Savers programme Tesco has launched three tiers for its Delivery Savers programme, reintroducing schemes that were paused due to high demand during the pandemic. The initiative will include a dedicated Click and Co...
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