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A guide to the Netherlands’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

European grocery retail alliances: an overview

As competition and low levels of volume and value growth continue to affect markets in Europe, buying groups like AgeCore, AMS, Coopernic and EMD are becoming increasingly strategic for retailers looking to drive efficiencies throughout their businesses. In this insight presentation we provide an overview of the key groups, their members and their size.

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Netherlands-based Sligro has announced sales for the first six months of its financial year, while PLUS and Hoogvliet launch initiatives to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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With the closure of innovative online solution provider’s only site and a growing focus on fresh produce and meat at Hoogvliet and PLUS respectively, we round-up news from the market. Hoogvliet to open new fresh focused format Hoogvliet has announced that it is going to open a new store format under the Hoogvliet Fresh Market banner. The fascia will focus on fresh products, le...
As price comparison comes to the Netherlands, Superunie gets a new chairman and the Detailresult Groep investigates cutting prices, we round-up news from the market. Online price comparison arrives in the Netherlands With the beta launch of the website, price comparison has arrived in the Netherlands, providing pricing transparency for shoppers initially on a select range of go...
Netherlands-based Sligro Food has announced first quarter results saying sales rose 0.6% to €592 million. The company’s results were driven by its foodservice subsidiary, with Sligro noting that its food retail division was operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace. External issues affect sales performance at retail arm Sligro said that its sales performance had been affected by a ...
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