Spinneys to launch online in Middle East in 2013

Date : 08 April 2013

Spinneys’ chief executive, Michael Wright, has told Arabian Business that the Lebanon-based retailer will launch online during 2013.

Online operations to start in Lebanon

Wright said that the launch of an online service in all the markets Spinneys operates in – Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Qatar – will enable shoppers to order online and then have goods either delivered to their home or made available for pick up at a store.

Commenting on the initiative, Wright was quoted as saying: “We’re going to launch it in Lebanon in May, with the intention of rolling it out to all the other countries. Because we have a lot more resources in Lebanon, we trial everything in Lebanon and then roll it out to the other countries from there. It will be before the end of the year in all the other countries.”

Offer set to differ by market

Wright went on to say that the online offer will be tailored by market in order to enable the retailer to better target each country’s shoppers. For example, Wright said that in Qatar, where shoppers are ‘more affluent’, only delivery will be offered, while in Egypt, where it is set to target to generate a higher number of of lower value deliveries, it will employ a system of hubs to shorten delivery times.