Spinneys Dubai: new CEO from Waitrose

Date : 21 September 2017

Spinneys Dubai has announced it is appointing a new CEO, Matthew Frost. He joins the business from Waitrose UK. We look at how this will impact the retailer in the future.

Transition in the new year

Frost will start the new position in January 2018. The current CEO, Jannie Holtzhausen will continue to chair the executive team at Spinneys Dubai, and take on a corporate role with the Albwardy Group.

Previous experience in high-end supermarket

Frost worked in Waitrose UK as director of business to business and Commercial Operations. In this role he developed the brands positioning, both in the UK and across its international markets. This was when Waitrose grew its grocery business to a turnover of over GBP1 bn (US$13.5 bn).

Waitrose key priorities have always centred around offering shopper’s quality products and a premium in-store experience. It also focuses on products sustainability and impact on the environment. For example, it recently set a deadline for brands to convert to sustainable tuna fishing.

How it will affect Spinneys Dubai

Spinney’s business model is very similar to Waitrose, focusing on high quality and ethical product production. It has recently committed to making all spinneysFOOD own label products ‘clean label’. This is a policy of using no artificial colours, flavours, or MSG.

We expect Spinneys Dubai will continue to develop its close relationship with sustainable suppliers, expanding its product range further. Its fresh proposition and health range will also evolve, differentiating it from its competitors.

Frost has said what attracted him to Spinneys Dubai is the brands focus on quality and its customer base. We expect he will expand on these existing focuses and build on the in-store experience for shoppers.

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