Retailer in focus: Spinneys Dubai

Date : 06 June 2017

We are seeing a growing trend of retailers promoting products believed to support a healthy lifestyle. Spinneys Dubai aims to be at the forefront of this trend. It does this by focusing on the benefits of quality fresh produce, defining itself as ‘The fresher experience’.

We look at the comprehensive way Spinneys Dubai is promoting health and wellness to shoppers.

From farmer to customer

Retailers, including Spinneys, are increasingly communicating the origins of their produce to shoppers. Spinneys sources products from across the world, and aims to ensure full traceability from farmer to customer. This means no genetic modification and farmers complying with Spinney's’ sustainability ethos.

Spinneys has a strong stance on preserving the environment. As a member of Global G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practices), it supports international farming standards. Through the Spinney’s Farmer’s Club, it also supports local farmers. Fresh deliveries are received to its 30 Dubai based stores from all over the world, every day.

All producers have a story that Spinneys promotes. For example, Tegel, the New Zealand poultry farm which is committed to the ‘Five Freedoms’ animal welfare principles. This ensures all animals have constant access to food and water, are free from discomfort, and live normal lives without distress. Spinney's’ website also has a seasonal eating calendar encouraging shoppers to buy products that are in season.

‘Naturally imperfect’ fruit and vegetables

In May Spinneys launched a new line of ‘naturally imperfect’ fruit and vegetables range, to help reduce food wastage. It will retail at around 20% less than conventional product from the same stores. The range will be the same quality as all fresh items, but misshapen.

‘Eat well, live well’ theme

Its ‘Eat well, live well’ theme spans many areas. Spinneys offers a detailed healthy eating guide on its website. This is produced by experts that cover areas from fitness to nutrition. There is a range of recipes aiming to provide nutritious meals for a wide range of special diets.

It also has a range of articles centred around healthy eating and living such as, ‘how to keep in shape when super busy’, and ‘super-speedy, super-cheap, super-healthy meal ideas’ alongside video guides. We see the trend of focusing on health and wellness gaining more momentum across the Middle East more widely.