SPAR UK launches ‘exclusive’ wine ranges

Date : 28 February 2013

SPAR UK has introduced a variety of new 'exclusive' label wines to boost its private label presence in the category.

‘To fill gap between SPAR label and branded wine ...

The company said that it was adding these exclusive ranges to fill the gap between its established private label and branded wines. Initially the offer will comprise two labels for Spanish wines (Modesta and Solà) and two for Italian (Perlezza and Terra Ricca), including a total of nine wines from the two countries.

... and boost profile of wines in store'

Commenting on the development, Chris Lewis, SPAR’s Licensed Trading Director, said: “While SPAR UK currently has an own label share in sales of 35%, which is well ahead of convenience, our share of exclusives is only 2.1%. This means there is a great opportunity for growth in this category. Our new exclusives range not only fills this gap in the market but will also help SPAR boost the profile of its wines.”  The launch of the new ranges will coincide with SPAR's spring wine festival beginning 4 April.

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