SPAR rolls out 'phased' promotions

Date : 16 January 2013

Blakemore Trade Partners, the Blakemore division responsible for supporting independent SPAR stores across Wales, the midlands and the south-east, is the latest operation in the SPAR UK network to launch phased promotions across its member stores.  Starting from 17 January, Blakemore will introduce a new phased cycle of promotions that will see a succession of new promotions implemented in each week within the conventional three week period.

Cycles structured by product sector

Under the new system, each week in the three week cycle will see the launch of new promotions within three specific product sectors: week one, alcohol; week two, fresh & frozen and week three, grocery & non-foods.  Implementation of the new system will be supported by colour-coded point-of-sale kits, with the colours matching the ordering paperwork, to make it easy for retailers and store staff to follow.

Signals wider roll-out in SPAR network

The launch of phased promotions by Blakemore Trade Partners follows the successful introduction of the system by James Hall in the north-west two years ago.  Other wholesalers Appleby Westward, in the south-west, and CJ Lang in Scotland are now scheduled to launch the new promotional scheme in May 2013.

Creating promotional variety to drive footfall

This enhancement to the successful SPAR 'Real Deals' promotional programmes seeks to bring more variety and excitement to shopper missions; with the ongoing succession of new promotions creating a greater sense of 'treasure hunt' to increase repeat visits from customers.

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