Southern Co-op launches sustainable strategy

Date : 19 December 2018

Regional co-operative retailer Southern Co-op has announced its five-year plan for a sustainable business.

Strategic direction

Southern Co-op’s Our Plan 2019-2023 sets out its strategic direction and objectives for a sustainable business. The strategy outlines mid to long-term objectives over the next five years.

Southern Co-op, which trades across 11 counties, sets out its purpose, vision and values through Our Plan. The strategy highlights the regional co-operative’s commitment to supporting a responsible way of doing business and creating a fairer society and sustainable future.

The strategy also outlines the retailer’s support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which cover action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure universal peace and prosperity. Southern Co-op has committed to align its plan to support the delivery of these goals by 2030.

Business objectives

As part of Our Plan, Southern Co-op has evolved its business objectives for the next five years. Its first objective is to transform the customer experience, and will include a digital transformation programme, new products and services, new operating models and continued development of new stores.

The second objective is to evolve its offer to stay relevant and competitive in an innovative environment.

Southern Co-op’s third objective is to champion responsible business through supporting local food and drink producers, creating sustainable supply chains, reducing carbon emissions, and improving store waste management processes.

Mark Smith, Chief Executive, commented: “We’ve evolved our overarching business objectives. These will ensure we maximise the performance of all our existing businesses over the next five years and that we remain relevant and competitive and seize the opportunities to transform our customers’ experience, enabling sustainable business growth and profitability”.