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Seven-Eleven Japan has opened 14 stores in Okinawa today (11 July 2019), the only Japanese prefecture where the retailer's presence is missing.

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7-Eleven Inc. has announced that it will deliver to more than 2,000 “hot spots” such as parks, beaches and concert venues in the U.S.

Bringing shoppers greater convenience

Embedded under the retailer’s delivery app 7NOW, “7NOW Pins” will allow shoppers to order products and get them delivered to hot spot locations, including New York’s Central Park and Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Customers can locate the nearest pin and order as usual.

7-Eleven will use Postmates to deliver to public hot spots. It uses DoorDash as well as Postmates to deliver to customers’ homes.

Reach 200,00 hot spot locations

7-Eleven expects to eventually have 200,000 hot spot locations. 7-Eleven’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Digital Information and Marketing officer, Gurmeet Singh, said, “we’ve been on this journey to redefine convenience […] this makes it easy for people to stay in the moment.”

7-Eleven’s Vice President of Delivery, Raghu Mahadevan, said, “we continuously challenge ourselves to find even more ways to offer convenience and value to our customers—when and where people need it most.”

7-Eleven is not the first brand to offer hot spot delivery. In April last year, Domino’s started delivery with Domino’s Hotspots and has more than 150,000 public delivery locations available nationwide.

7-Eleven in Australia has launched a store in Richmond, Melbourne without checkouts.

First store of its kind in Australia

The store follows on from a trial of the concept in 7-Eleven's store on Exhibition Street in Melbourne, which ran alongside standard checkouts. However, this is Australia's first totally checkout-free store where shoppers use their smartphones to scan items and pay via an app. Unlike other checkout-less stores around the world, the shop does not have sensors or cameras monitoring activity, but relies on shoppers uploading a selfie to the app before they can buy products.

Staff can focus more on customer service

Angus McKay, CEO of 7-Eleven Australia, said, “Nobody likes to wait, so eliminating queues was part of the mission for this mobile checkout. In the new concept store, customers will notice the absence of a counter. The store feels more spacious and customers avoid being funnelled to a checkout location creating a frictionless in-store experience.” The store appears to be a test for the retailer, with no plans to roll the technology out more widely.

7-Eleven, Inc. is launching almost 100 new exclusive products in 125 stores located in and around Los Angeles in the U.S.

Offering shoppers healthier options

The new products target shoppers looking for keto, paleo, vegan, organic, high-protein, low-glycemic, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, plant-based and cold-pressed options. The unique assortment also includes better-for-you sips and snacks for on-the-go.

7-Eleven’s Vice President of New Business Development, Chris Harkness, said, Customers are demanding healthier options, and we know LA customers are leading the country in health and wellness trends, always willing to try the newest and most innovative products and services. In the past, 7-Eleven's LA stores have shown great success with food and beverages on the leading edge of these trends."

How were the products chosen?

Last year, 7-Eleven invited companies to introduce their products at its first "Next Up" emerging brands event held at its Store Support Centre in Irving, Texas. Over 300 brands applied, and 70 companies were invited to participate. Over 1,000 7-Eleven employees sampled the products and voted on their favourites.

Source: 7-Eleven


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