Selex store visits


We visited the first Ali supermarket store in Bologna to see how the retailer was using its strengths in the quality of its service and products to make itself known in the highly competitive market.
Famila is part of the Italy-based retailer alliance Selex. The banner aims to offer shoppers a wide assortment, especially in terms of locally-sourced products, specialisation in fresh, a convenient in-store environment and value.
We visited a supermarket of one of Selex’s members’, Il Gigante, to see how it is embedding its mission to serve customers in the most efficient way; offer the best products at competitive prices; create an attractive store; while remaining honest to its community and Italian values and traditions.
We visited this Mercato’ supermarket in the upmarket suburb of Rivoli, close to Turin. Opened in 2015, the primarily food-focused format integrates relevant non-food categories.