Selex investing in private labels

Date : 28 January 2019

As part of its involvement in Marca 2019, the Private Label Conference and Exhibition, Italy-based retailer alliance Selex has discussed the performance and outlook for its private label ranges.

Private labels growing faster than the country

Selex saw a 5% increase in sales turnover to €890m in 2018. The organisation noted how private label sales were a key component of growth and represent “one of the cornerstones of the Group’s development strategy”.

There are more than 5,400 SKUs in the group’s private label lines. Shoppers can choose from basic to premium, organic, healthy and baby ranges.

Key lines underpinning sales growth

The Saper di Sapori and the Vie dell'Uva private label lines saw a 30% increase in their annual sales. Over the last two years, Selex has invested in its organic and health private labels. It created gluten-free and 100% vegetarian ranges, which are growing at a fast pace.

Director of Selex, Luca Vaccaro, commented, “We put the quality of our products at the centre of the choices we make, and the fact that in the categories where the average share of the value of Selex private label is present reaches over 26% among some of our member companies, is the confirmation that our shoppers appreciate our products”.

Selex to continue innovation in 2019

At Marca, Selex will present some of its private label launches for 2019. Among the launches is an eco line for household cleaning materials and seven certified ecolabel items will be added to its range at the end of January 2019. The products will be sold under the ‘Natura Chiama Selex’ and ‘La Natura Vale’ brands. Selex will also launch ‘Armonia & Benessere Bio’, a range of products for personal hygiene, and a sustainable single-use line in compostable materials.