Italy: FY results, private label growth

Date : 26 June 2019

As Conad, its cooperatives, VéGé Group and Coop announce full year results for 2018 and Selex sets out plans to grow its private label sales, we round up news from the country.

Conad rationalises number of operational units…

Conad has begun the process of combining some cooperatives into focused territorial platforms, a step it announced in December 2018. The initiative is aimed at increasing its efficiency in the country and will begin following a vote by the board of directors of Nordiconad and Conad del Tirreno to merge their organisations. The merger will lead to the creation of Conad Nord Ovest, from 1 October, which will operate 587 stores and generate a turnover of over €4.0bn. Ultimately, the number of regional Conad cooperatives will fall to four, from the existing seven.

…As cooperatives report positive 2018 results

Four of the Conad cooperatives have announced their 2018 results, with each saying:

  • Conad Adriatico: turnover: €1.2bn, 15.5% up on 2017, aided by expansion
  • Conad Centro Nord: turnover: €1.33bn, 2.1% up on 2017
  • Nordiconad: turnover: €1.3bn, 1.81% up on 2017
  • Conad del Tirreno: turnover: €2.54bn, 2.2% up on 2017

Selex aiming to grow private label sales to €1.4bn

Retailer alliance Selex has said it is aiming to grow its turnover of private label products to €1.4bn by 2025. Given it reported sales of €890m in 2018, following a growth of 5% during the year, the aim appears ambitious. However, sub-segments in its range, such as its healthy and premium ranges, enjoyed growth rates of about 20%, showing that faster growth is possible. Selex said more than 90% of its private label suppliers are based in Italy, while it is looking to reformulate some of its products to maximise the presence of Italian ingredients.

Coop appoints new managing director…

At the cooperative’s AGM Coop Italia announced Maura Latini was to assume the role of managing director. Separately, Marco Pedroni was confirmed as president and Antonio Bomarsi as vice president. At the meeting it was revealed that Coop and its members generated total sales of €14.8bn in 2018, of which €13.4bn was related to retail activities. Following the announcement of its results, Coop confirmed it would sustain its strategic focus on convenience and helping to support environmental needs in the country.

… As Coop Alleanza 3.0 adds EasyCoop app

Coop Alleanza 3.0 has added the EasyCoop app to enable shoppers to find the products they need more easily. The app includes an improved search function, while also providing more information about products’ freshness. To help shoppers find the products they need, EasyCoop enables them to search their shopping lists, the list of their favourite products, the items they purchased last time and products they have bought previously. Through a partnership with PayPal the cooperative has enabled shoppers to pay quickly and easily by checking out directly with their PayPal accounts.

VéGé Group announces 2018 results

VéGé Group has said its 32 members ended 2018 generating a turnover of €6.5bn through their 3,416 stores. In the short term VéGé Group said it and its members would focus on growth, convenience, sustainability, responsibility and innovation.